My Calendar

You have four different plan options Describing the four options – Enabling one option will disable the others. The calendar is the default plan. #1 – My Calendar WOD. This provides a simple calendar for managing your workouts in our training app.  Soon it will also synchronize the following week to Garmin, TrainingPeaks and after …

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Smart Slopes

Smart Slopes – A New Way to Train Creating and riding slope based workouts is fun and new. You can only do smart slopes in our training app. Smart slope workouts are especially perfect for short-intervals. On many smart-trainers ERG mode is not good for short- intervals.  I think all trainers are bad for 5-second …

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TrainingPeaks WOD – Workout of the Day

Here is a quick-easy 5 step process for seeing your TP workouts inside of TrainerDay. If you connected to TrainingPeaks before Feb 2021, then you should disconnect and reconnect to TrainingPeaks (step 2) if not, you can ignore this step and/or just connect. 

Convertible Training Plans

Many people believe a plan is something sacred, and “they” designed it for you to follow it exactly.  Virtually all coaches and experts would agree, plans should be adapted for you. When cloning or copying a plan in TrainerDay, you can select the days you want to train. It won’t take long, take control, make some adjustments.  You …

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