Convertible Training Plans

A plan is just a sequence of workouts

Many people believe a plan is something sacred and designed to be followed exactly as “they” created it.  Unless a coach created the training plan for YOU, this is not true.

Generic training plans should be adapted to you.  Great coach and author Joe Friel illustrates this clearly in his book Fast After 50.  He says for example an aging athlete might want to adapt a plan designed for 7-days a week, to a 9-day a week pattern to provide more recovery time.  I also asked a top pro-coach friend, “Is there any different between a plan and a sequence of workouts as long as proper recovery is taken into account?”  His response after 45-minute discussion was no.  🙂

The primary problem can be that your time availability on weekends is likely better for long rides outdoors.  If you convert a plan created for 3 days a week to 4-days a week for example, you might want to make some manual adjustments for weekends.  Even changing the order a bit on a plan is rarely going to affect the quality of results assuming 80-90% of the workouts remain the same. 

You need to plan for proper recovery.  In almost all cases a 3-day a week pattern with rest days between, or a 4-day patter never with over 2-days in a row will work perfectly for most athletes.

Example conversion below
Our Training Plans allow you to select your days

You can create your own plans and clone them or take an existing plan and copy it to your plans.  During this clone/copy process, you can set the days you want to train on.  You can change the actual days, or you can change the number of days per seek or both. 

Conversion below. Just select the days you want


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