Workout Editor – New Features

List of new features

  • Enter Power In Watts, FTP% and Zones
  • Add Types to intervals (Warm-up, Active, Cool down…)
  •  Text Descriptions (For easy to follow outdoor workouts)
  • Sets and Reps editor mode click here to read about how efficient it can be.
  • Cadence ( 80-90 rpm for example)

Currently we are not pushing these new values to TrainingPeaks or Garmin but we plan to do it soon.  Also we need to extend the MRC and ERG specification to include these values which we are working on as well.

Below is a 4-minute video 

describing the new workout editor. 

Interval Types

Below you can see how interval type works with the text descriptions.  The possible interval type values are (warm-up, active, cooldown, interval, rest, free-ride, sfr, lap, climb, +, -).  The + indicates that is is a main focus of the workout and the – indicates it is secondary work.  The +, sfr, climb are all bold in the text description to indicate this primary work.  SFR stands for “Salite-Forza-Resistenza” which is a common term in pro-cycling to indicate very low RPM, power zone 2 work. 


Below you can see how cadence shows in the outdoor text description.  As I mentioned above currently this is not used any where but this text description but will be soon.  

Text Description "Rules"

The goal of text descriptions are to make simple workouts that are possible to remember or you can text(sms) or email them to yourself to read on a workout.  Here are the basic rules for text descriptions to show up.

  •  Must be simple (maximum of 10 rows of text). If you use the new sets and reps editor it aligns with the number of rows of text
  • Can not contain ramps.  Ramps means start% is different than end%.  Just start with a empty workout and turn on cadence and it removes the option to have different end%
  • Must have at least 1 row/interval (obviously 🙂

The Editor

Sets and reps can really save you time.  See an example workout here using both the standard editor and sets and reps editor

Bug Fixes

We now support seconds again.  :30 or 0:30,  10:30, 10:15, …. min:sec format.

Adde Zwift File Import

Go to the Create workout page and click upload your .zwo files and save and that’s it.  You can download, or send to other platforms at that point in time.

For ZWO files. Not all interval types are support.  None of the funny shapes.  Also free-ride is supported but is converted to 65%.

26 thoughts on “Workout Editor – New Features”

  1. Hello everyone. I hope our new editor gives you guys ideas on how you want to use the data from these features. We welcome any comments on how you want this. I know we have a lot of GoldenCheetah users here and it would be great to get some of this data into GC. And not sure if it is possible but seeing RPM target on your Garmin or Wahoo would be ideal.

    1. Thanks, I have seen you are still creating some great workouts. I have not ridden any yet but will. We are fixing the bug today so you will be able to enter seconds : 10 or 0:30 …1:30 as well as 1.5 minutes…

  2. Hi Alex,
    I have a problem, when I try to make for example 5X 30 seconds @ 90% FTP and rest 30 seconds @ 60% FTP in editor the rest time don´t accept seconds, this ( :30) only minutes.

  3. Is it possible to replace MINUTES with DISTANCE in a MRC File? And will it then be read by a Wahoo ROAM.
    In this way I can also train in different HT zones for different distances.


    1. Hello DEMEGENS, No MRC file does not support distance. Theoretically it is possible to push distance based workout to TP and on to Wahoo but it is currently not possible to do it in ERGdb now and not 100% sure it is possible at all. I know Wahoo is planning on opening up their API in 2020 so then it should be possible.

    1. Hello SKRABURSKI, yes I think W’Bal sounds like a great metric to add. I am not a GC expert by any means but I will add this to the backlog for more consideration. I have a lot of respect for Mark L and the GC platform so as we go deeper this likely makes sense. I don’t know the actual math behind it so need to understand if it considers a users power duration curve/profile or not. We have a lot of other priorities right now so to be honest I don’t think it will come very soon but I would love to try to get to it in 2020. Thanks for the suggestion.

        1. Thanks yes I watched a video from Mark yesterday, I realized I watched it previously. Yes this W’Bal makes even more sense to me now. I added this task to our backlog, hopefully I can prioritize it sooner rather than later.

  4. Mattias Lundqvist

    Hi Alex! Really happy to find this tool that makes it possible to import my Zwift-WO into TP. Thanks a thousand times! But one question: I miss the text-description (notes during the WO that I have written when I created the WO in Zwift) and the recommended cadence when I look at the WO in TP after import. Is this possible to built in in the future? Or am I doing something wrong? In TP when building a WO I can write cadence-range and notes I noticed that’ shows when at ride that Wo in Zwift. Are you with me? What I want is to create a ZWO-file ( in Zwift or other tool) and then export it to TP ( with your tool) and put it in the WO library In TP, and be able to put the WO in my schedule so it turns up in my TP-folder in Zwift. It works but the notes and the rpm does not follow when I import the zwo-file into TP.

    1. Hello Mattias, so happy we can be a part of your workflow. Regarding the description in ZWO, yes we can add that right away. With the cadence, I will need to review that. We did add a feature to support cadence in our editor but we have not passed that info on to TP yet, but I knew I want to. I am pretty sure it will work correctly as you would like it to. I will add that to the list too not sure how quick that will happen but theoretically, it is easy and could be quick too. I will get out an announcement when this is working and/or post it back here. Thanks again glad this is helping you out. ~alex

  5. Hi.
    A great tool thanks. I haven’t been able to successfully transfer cadence targets to either Training Peaks or downloaded ZWO file. Do cadence targets transfer?


  6. Hello, is there a chance to have not classified Type in the description, too ? I mean, in the description it is not possibile to see something different from the set you planned (btw, something are not working it seems to me, for example + , -, interval).

    Thank you

  7. Hi Alex,

    How can i delete one or 2 row? Coz sometimes my wokouts only need 5 more lines but the options is +10 more lines.. i want my workout to have exact lines/row.

        1. Marlon, I do ride with my Garmin indoors but not using ERG mode that is controlling the power so I am not sure if it is the same but my thoughts are that Garmin never ends the workout because it is really designed for outdoors where you don’t want it to end until you manually stop it. I am sure that adding extra rows in the editor will not affect this because we don’t save these empty rows or send them to Garmin. It’s possible there is a way to signal the end of workout to get the Garmin to automatically stop. I will research this or ask my support person at Garmin if they know anything about this. Have you created workouts in Garmin Connect that do automatically stop?

        2. Yes, I talked to my support rep and they confirmed the device does not really know, you are indoors on a smart trainer and so they treat indoors and outdoors the same, so it will not automatically stop. She works in the API division which is different than the device division but she seems to know how it all works.

  8. I have tried to write a workout but I have this error:

    “This workout is not qualified for Text description
    Click here to read the qualification rules.”

    but is more sample and I didn’t find any strange thing

    3 1 1 90 warm-up
    3 2 2 90
    :30 4 4 110
    :30 2 2 90
    :30 4 4 110
    :30 2 2 90
    :30 4 4 110
    :30 2 2 90
    :30 4 4 110
    :30 2 2 90
    :30 4 4 110
    :30 2 2 90
    :30 4 4 110
    :30 2 2 90
    2 2 2 110 active

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