The Fastest Workout Editor

Designed for one thing.  Speed. 

That’s it.  It works just like Excel with copy and paste and arrow keys for moving.  Try it out.  Create your first workout here.

Watch the 40-second video below

Below is a video showing how to insert a row into a workout

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  1. Hello, Oldsap (maybe I should ask people their first name in the registration process :), I just added a video below the main one showing how to insert a row. Once you know how as you can see it is very easy.

  2. copy/paste to insert rows. thanks for the explanation Alex. btw it’s Charlie 🙂

    1. Hello Charlie, yes copy and paste. I felt it was safer to avoid any confusion to just create a video.

  3. hi Alex, i was checking out GoldenCheetah’s workout creator and it had an option to add “LAP” so that GC’s Lap Time Remaining data field would be able to show each interval’s time remaining. would this be possible as an option in ERGdb’s workout creator for this when downloading them as MRC files?
    from GC’s workout creator:
    0 50
    10 50
    10 LAP
    10 55
    20 55
    20 LAP
    20 60
    30 60
    30 LAP

      1. Hi Jerry, Charlie and I had a long offline conversation and I worked with Mark at Golden Cheetah and it appears you can only import Laps to GC using a non-standard way of defining it in the MRC file. This method would break other products. Charlie decided it was easy enough to just hand edit and add the lap. Just add an extra row like this.

        0.00 50
        10.00 55
        10.00 LAP
        10.00 88
        14.00 88
        14.00 LAP

        A group of us (TrainingPeaks, TrainerRoad, GC, PerfPro, Kinomap, and ERGdb) have worked through a new backwardly compatible standard definition for MRC/ERG files to support Laps and other interval related features. I have a new version of our workout creator coming out this week or early next week that will support Laps but not sure how long until GC can adopt this standard and Lap allow this new INTERVAL DATA standards based import. You would need to ask on a GC forum on that one. Our new editor makes adding laps very simple. An email announcement will come out on this. Thanks ~alex

    1. Hello guys, I created a Visual Studio C++ project which creates .mrc files (to be used on goldencheetah) and .fit files to be used on your garmin device also.
      The good news is that my project creates the .mrc files with the laps inserted, and it uses the SAME input as ergdb. You just need to copy/paste your workout from this site to a .txt and execute it.
      More info here:
      Hope it helps!

  4. jonathancolledge

    Does it support text prompts during the workout, for example, messages such as: “Keep cadence high in intervals”, “Halfway!”, or “Only one left!”?

    1. Hello Johnathan, so let say YES very soon. Now with saying that text prompts are not universally supported in any standard fashion. We will for sure be supporting the TrainerRoad text prompts. Did you have one particular platform in mind?

  5. jonathancolledge

    Thank you, that sounds great. I don’t use trainer road, but had come across their method of putting promts in and it seems like the most sensible and easy way. I hope Golden Cheetah and Maximum Trainer will support it.

  6. jonathancolledge

    “A group of us (TrainingPeaks, TrainerRoad, GC, PerfPro, Kinomap, and ERGdb) have worked through a new backwardly compatible standard definition for MRC/ERG files to support Laps and other interval related features”

    Would you consider working with them to indroduce a grade setting please? There is a big difference between 350 W at 90 rpm and 350 W at 70 rpm, and if you want a workout to simulate hills, you don’t want to be shifting up a gear and guessing the right gear at every single bump in the road and then shifting done at every flatter bit – better to have the trainer adjust grade and shift down normally as you would on a hill – this way you can make a workout that simulates hills.

  7. jonathancolledge

    P.S. I’m aware that this is pointless in erg mode on a trainer but it is ideal if you are not in erg mode.

  8. Jonathan, sorry for the slow response.
    Regarding: “I hope Golden Cheetah and Maximum Trainer will support it.”

    Both of these platforms appear to be very selective right now on new features they launch but I am sure there will be an affordable or free platform that does soon, or there should be. I will try to push them both to adopt it once we launch the feature. 🙂

  9. Jonathan, “grade setting please” you beat me to the answer. ERG mode makes no sense. Zwift does it by slowing down your speed and visuals but really the only solution I can think of is either showing user Target RPM or giving them text prompts. If I am not mistaken Maximum Trainer has RMP target now so it should be pretty easy to add that. Let me see. I know Garmin does not allow both RPM and target power at the same time, or that is my understanding anyway.

  10. jonathancolledge

    Thanks, I have found a way of doing it – Golden Cheetah allows you to follow a GPX route, it just adjusts the grade on the trainer and I pedal away as if I am going up and down hills. It is pretty cool as when you hit a hill, the grade on the trainer goes up and you have to shift down gears to maintain cadence, just like a hill outdoors. I can make a hilly workout with bits and pieces of GPX routes, with or without power targets (which aren’t erg controlled).

    Right now I’m leaning towards Maximum Trainer with ErgDb supplying the workouts for normal sessions. Really liking the integration of ErgDb with both platforms, it is awesome. Thanks.

  11. Hi,

    I’m new into these kind of trainings. I wonder how I can use this site to make a training based on heartbeat zones.
    I do NOT have a powermeter on my bike.
    How can I make a trianing based on heartrate zone?
    Are there examples there to download?
    Are the MRC type workouts useable for heartbeat training?

    Please advise

    Thanks in advance!

    1. BTW I do also NOT have an indoor-trainer.
      I’m always ‘on the road’ while I’m on my bike.

    2. Hello DeMegens, currently there is no way to convert these workouts to HR based workouts. It’s something I really want to do and will do but not sure when. Right now the only way I know is to go into Garmin connect and create the training. As I am sure you are aware many of the workouts here don’t make sense as HR based. Any short duration sprints don’t make sense as HR but I still have ideas on how to convert them and make them useful as HR based workouts. I will send out an email when we do add HR based workouts.

  12. Oke, thanks for quick responce.
    Looking foward to these HR workouts!
    “I can’t wait!!”

  13. Hi Alex,
    is there any change on the website? i cant see my workouts on my library anymore. i tried from firefox and chrome and got same result. thanks in advance.

  14. I just wanted to say how amazing this website is, the workout editor as well. Thanks for putting this all together and letting users create and share workouts!

    1. Thanks, Jeff, we really love it too 🙂 There is a bug in the editor that 10:30 does not work but 10.5 does. I guess everyone is working around this issue. Hopefully, we should have resolved in the next few days.

      1. Glad to contribute. I have been looking for free structured workouts to put together my own plan and this way I can use what others are sharing and share my own workouts to hopefully save someone else some time. Your workout editor is hands down the easiest to use as well!

        1. Cool, not sure if you saw the front page announcement but Open Source training plans are coming soon. I am looking for early contributors if you are interested.

  15. This is to express my gratitude to the people behind this project. Trainer Day provides the best approach by far: there is no easier way to program a structured workout than copying and editing lines of a simple spreadsheet. It is surprising how all the solutions out there fail to implement this. The second best way is Zwift’s language, which allows one to build a workout by editing lines in a text file (using copy and paste).


  16. Thank you so much for developing this incredible editor!! I have a question about further developement. Because some training programs wont support ramps (like rouvy), would it be possible to have a function when exporting to mec to have ramps broken up into “stairs” with changes lets say every 10 secs?
    Thank you again for your efforts

    1. Hello Derk, sorry for the slow response, we do this for Garmin and TrainingPeaks so it can be done. I just tested Rouvy and you are right. They wipe out the ramps on MRC import. What you can do is push the workout to TrainingPeaks and then download the MRC file in TrainingPeaks and the ramps will be converted to steps 🙂 You can do this in the free version of TrainingPeaks and our platform.

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