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There are two reasons we send watts rather than percent to Garmin. One is on your screen when training, most users prefer to see the target watts not the target%. Second, is that only new devices work with percent based workouts? Make sure you have your FTP set correctly in TrainerDay before sending your workouts to Garmin and you might want to periodically delete your workouts from Garmin and re-push as your FTP changes.

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Garmin only supports 50-steps in a workout. You can clone a workout and copy and paste into Google Sheets or Excel to see how many rows it is. Because Garmin does not support ramps we convert ramps to steps which 1-row in the workout editor could be 10-steps when it gets to Garmin. We are thinking if we can improve this a bit by reducing the # of steps in the conversion to make more workouts qualify for under 50-steps.

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Both Garmin and TrainingPeaks don’t support ramps. We have a magic converter that tries to pick the right # of steps. You can see in our feature requests people would like to make manual adjustments. We are thinking maybe just improve it.

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