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Left Right Power Balance

If the users have a dual side power meter, it would be useful that left-right balance can be seen in app when training.

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8 votes

Basic plan functions

Hi Alex, it would be useful to put the default training plan into a basic calendar, so I could easily select my actual workout. Now its pretty complicated to find the proper workout every day. If i have a plan with 4-5-6 workouts a week, I can see day 1, day 2, …, day N. …

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Planned Category: Training App 2 comments
1 vote

Warm up

I would like a warmup tag to be created. Whatsonzwift has got various types of warmups that are much easier for me to find.

Category: Training App 8 comments
6 votes

App “sort by” for viewing My Library.

The website allows you to sort and view a selected library in many ways. The app appears to only show in date order. It would be great if the various sorting options could be incorporated within the app too.

Category: Training App 2 comments
8 votes

Ride History

Would like an option to view and/or delete a workout from history tab in the app currently only option available is to share it.

Planned Category: Training App 1 comment
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TrainingPeaks API is down. Waiting for them to fix it!!!.