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App “sort by” for viewing My Library.

The website allows you to sort and view a selected library in many ways. The app appears to only show in date order. It would be great if the various sorting options could be incorporated within the app too.

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2 votes

Ride History

Would like an option to view and/or delete a workout from history tab in the app currently only option available is to share it.

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3 votes

Landscape Mode on Phones

One user (Sammoramobile) would like to send phone to TV and landscape is much better. I am creating request for him.

Category: Training App 3 comments
5 votes

Ant+ connection

You need to support ANT+ connection, because is the option that maybe 80% or more use, and in my opinion most efective connection, and all the others app have this active.

Category: Training App 5 comments
2 votes

Add Search Feature to the app

Hi, another question, android app only shows “my lybrary” workouts. is there any way to find and choose workouts from the web database directly in the app? thanks!!!!!!

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7 votes


I would be nice i we could calibrate the trainers within the app.

Category: Training App 1 comment
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TrainingPeaks API is down. Waiting for them to fix it!!!.