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I would be nice i we could calibrate the trainers within the app.

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7 votes

Sending a workout from the app to Garmin/Wahoo/TrainingPeaks.

Although this app is mainly for indoor cycling, it would be good to have an easy access to the workout library from the app. A feature that exists on the website would go a long way on the app – sending a workout to devices like Garmin/Wahoo/TraininPeaks

Started Category: Training App 3 comments
5 votes

Ant+ connection

You need to support ANT+ connection, because is the option that maybe 80% or more use, and in my opinion most efective connection, and all the others app have this active.

Category: Training App 5 comments
5 votes

Translate Site and App to Spanish

No one has requested this but we have a significant number of users in Spanish-speaking countries so it seems like a good idea and could pave the way for other languages. Just putting this here to see if we get a lot of votes for it.

Category: General 3 comments
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HR based Workouts

Could be possible to create a workout based on HR as TP or Garmin do? As the new app has the possibility to train based in HR, would be great. And sometimes you want just roll for a while, without doing a FTP test, but still doing something structured.

Category: Workout Creator 1 comment
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TrainingPeaks API is down. Waiting for them to fix it!!!.