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Ant+ connection

You need to support ANT+ connection, because is the option that maybe 80% or more use, and in my opinion most efective connection, and all the others app have this active.

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5 thoughts on “Ant+ connection”

  1. Hello Samoramobile, glad to see you again. Yes, we will do Ant+ (hopefully soon) I know it is better on Android. iOS Bluetooth is fine. We started with iOS first, so we did only Bluetooth. Also, Ant+ is only for Samsung phones unless you buy a dongle. But I still know many Android users say Ant+ is better. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Yes I have a Samsung with ant+ 😉
    But my sensors are all ant+
    I use ant+ connections with head unity because of the metrics and Bluetooth have some problems.
    I already write about this, but in Android the landscape don’t work, can you fix this.

  3. Hello Samoramobile, yes I understand about Ant +. Landscape only works on TABLETS. Not on phones. We will probably not do phones soon unless lots of people request it. Phones are harder to do.

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