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Audible Count Down Alert at the end of each interval/step.

Really miss this feature from my TrainerRoad days. Gives me warning of a hard effort coming up or a feeling of relief when suffering with my head down during Vo2 efforts. Also invaluable when not in ERG mode so you don’t have to stare at the app just in case you miss the end/start of the interval.

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3 thoughts on “Audible Count Down Alert at the end of each interval/step.”

  1. Hello Kam, we have a beep 3-seconds before now, is that not enough? I know 3-4 users have requested count down also to make it more precise. We will likely add it as a user choice. Maybe you just needed to turn the volume up? 🙂

  2. Thank you Alex. Yes I know have sound!!!!! Not sure what happened the first time I tried the app but probably some sort of user error. Today it worked great and was good enough for me. Thank you.

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