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Display HR and PWR graphically during workouts.

Is it possible to display HR graphically during power based workouts? Not sure if this is a widespread thing, but I find it encouraging and often useful for assessing how I’m responding to interval sets over the duration of a workout and think this would be a valuable feature particularly for those times when physical condition suggests a different workout might be more suitable for one’s current fitness.

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  1. My tester has complained to me many times saying this is a required feature 🙂 so you are not alone. I am actually a big HR fan but I wanted to start as simple as possible and think about how necessary it is even though I knew I also liked it. So yes, this will probably be done. It’s technically easy but I don’t know how to show the scale without taking up more space in the UI. You can switch the HR switch and see it. I keep hoping to get a genious idea on how to show this.

  2. Woodcock Johnson IV

    Hey Alex!

    Looks like these feature requests are spreading like wildfire. I’m a bit overwhelmed just sifting through all the new requests since I last visited. (Work’s been crazy as hell.). But growth is a good problem, right?

    Keep up the fine work!

  3. Hello Carl, yes, I thought this would be the case. People are very passionate about the app they use. Growth is getting crazy here for sure. I guess your line of business must be a bit crazy now. This task is done according to my developer, but I have not seen it yet. It should be released later this week or early next week at the latest.

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