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Landscape Mode on Phones

One user (Sammoramobile) would like to send phone to TV and landscape is much better. I am creating request for him.

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3 thoughts on “Landscape Mode on Phones”

  1. Alex thank you for this,
    I say this because there are alot off vantages, battery in smartphone, we can turn off display, we can see the the workout better, in short series for example 15 or 30 seconds the bar in the smarthpone is tinny, and for me that in smartphone I need to use glasses in Tv I don´t need 😉

    check below the trainerday vs other app…

    Trainer day,

    app that work in both modes,



  2. I´m waiting 😉
    At this time of year in Portugal we still have the beautiful sun, and training on the street is another level, but winter will be soon, at that time I am thinking of becoming a member, to develop a good training plan of about 8 weeks for do indoor, and see the application on a 50-inch screen is another championship eheheheh

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