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Sending a workout from the app to Garmin/Wahoo/TrainingPeaks.

Although this app is mainly for indoor cycling, it would be good to have an easy access to the workout library from the app. A feature that exists on the website would go a long way on the app – sending a workout to devices like Garmin/Wahoo/TraininPeaks

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4 thoughts on “Sending a workout from the app to Garmin/Wahoo/TrainingPeaks.”

  1. Thanks Dotan, I have heard this same request from others. It can be done now using dropbox and fitness syncer or Tapiriik but I realize everyone wants as simple as possible when it comes to syncing workouts. Myself included.

    So yes, it’s starting to sound important. If you have any other suggestions, please request them here.

  2. I will create separate requests for this (wahoo, garmin, tp) Right now TrainingPeaks is almost done. Hopefully next week. Garmin would be next as that is our next largest userbase.

  3. This is done except I can’t do the wahoo part. You can click on a workout and it popups up and you can send it. It’s a bit slow we need to improve performance.

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TrainingPeaks API is down. Waiting for them to fix it!!!.