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Sorry, Garmin supports a max of 50 steps in a workout - Improve Ramp Logic

Right now we have some code that converts ramps to steps since Garmin and TrainingPeaks do not support ramps. On workouts with a lot of steps already we will reduce the number of steps so that more workouts will not get the message "Sorry, Garmin supports a max of 50 steps in a workout."

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  1. If automagically calculating the ramp downsample factor to ensure the total number of steps for an entire workout is less that 50 for Garmin export, then perhaps a user-configurable value would suffice. This could be an absolute count of steps/ramp or perhaps a desired duration/step.

    eg. Maybe I only want ramps to have 3 steps, or maybe I want each step in the ramp to be at most 1 minute long.

    It seems that the existing code uses some type of duration/step…seems like 30s per step. Perhaps exposing that value in the export dialog could be a way to work around the Garmin limitation without needing to completely re-create ramps in the workout editor.

    Speaking of the workout editor, can we specify this desired step duration in the spreadsheet / text description? Eg.
    Current description for a smooth ramp:
    5′ @ 65% to 25% (60 rpm)

    Describe a 5 minute ramp with 1 minute steps:
    5′ @ 65% to 25% [1′] (60 rpm)

    Describe a 5 minute ramp with 3 total steps during the ramp:
    5′ @ 65% to 25% [3] (60 rpm)

  2. Both of these should probably be a new feature request, but for now I will answer the second one and think about the first one.
    If you select to “Cadence and Interval” you can put the ramp in the FTP field 50-80 and put in the type field [1′ steps] for example but it looks a bit different from what you suggested see below

    [1′ steps] – 5′ @ 50% to 80% (60 rpm)

    Not sure if that helps you.

  3. Thanks for the follow-up…I realize that my second point was unclear.

    I expected that the “text description” of the workout is some kind of Domain Specific Language for the workout editor and is something which could be used to import workouts into trainerday.com

    Thank you for the suggestion about using the Type field, but my intent was brainstorming how the the workout editor / text description could specify a ramp with step sizes in one row.

    I’m specifically thinking of the GoldenCheetah Workout editor “quick code” format:

  4. Oh, now I understand 🙂 It is a single request. The problem I am struggling with is adding this to the page not the technical how to implement. I personally like entering things in ramps but like to ride in steps, so I am like you, having the perfect # of steps would be ideal. Our logic now is “magic” based, it tries to figure out a reasonable # of steps based on the size and steepness of the ramp. Most users don’t care that much about this so I don’t want to add anything that could possibly make it seem more complex and adding more columns to the grid both is complex and feels more complex, not to mention we have limited space. I could build a separate tool that is a ramp to steps converter. Really a person could do this themselves using EXCEL and paste it into the TD editor, not ideal but can be done. I will keep thinking about this.

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