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Trainingspeaks - No Reps shown

When I push a workout to Trainingpeaks the number of reps are not pushed. All repetitions are in separate lines when you look at the workout in Trainingpeaks. When you synchronize to Zwift, this is kind of confusing. It would be better to see the number of reps in the interval for a better overview. I hope you understand my point ;-). Thanks alot for the great work here!

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  1. Hello Schili13, I know exactly what you want/mean. The problem is TrainingPeaks does not support this type of “Interval Group.” It would be possible for us to do that in a ZWO file just not via TrainingPeaks. Good suggestion. We could change this request to ZWO if that is something interesting to you.

  2. Hey!

    Thanks alot for your answer!

    As I work with trainingpeaks a download as ZWO-file ist helpful I I would load the workout from there to Zwift. But if I go riding outdoors the description in trainingpeaks is just so long. I can use your text description but this is not working if I put in too many intervals. The editor in trainingpeaks ist just not useful and there is no possibility to import structured workouts directly into TP. So I am very glad that I have trainerday and can use this option. Nevertheless I think it would still be a good option to have the possibility to download this kind of structure as a ZWO-file.

    1. You could create a new request to allow Text Descriptions to allow more intervals if it helps you. 🙂 I was trying to inspire people to create simple workouts that are good to memorize or write down for outdoors but if most people really want to read these inside of another platform we could consider extending the length.

  3. Here is an example workout that can be pushed from TP to Garmin but not from TD to Garmin. We will fix this soon. This should resolve a lot of 50 step limitation issues. I was wrong about TP not supporting “Interval Sets/Groups” in my above statement. I am not sure if they do via API but they do in the UI

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TrainingPeaks API is down. Waiting for them to fix it!!!.