List of problems and solutions

  1. Someone goes to our site, registers, and uses your special code. Next they login to the app
    1. This is the perfect case and no problems.  I am going to add more instructions HERE SOON  for this.
  2. Someone registers with app first. You will have two different options.
    1. I will give you a page HERE SOON you can send them too to add the code
    2. You can just enter their email below on this page, click the checkbox and press submit.
  3. Someone forgets their username or password
    1. Tell them to go to the website login page and use “forgot password.”
  4. You want to add someone just for a single day on-site class
    1. You can just go to this page and create an account for them and give them their username and password. After the class you can just remove them or the next day,

Please sign in to manage your group.

Always check the checkbox above to instantly give the person access.

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TrainingPeaks API is down. Waiting for them to fix it!!!.