Intervals in the Sets & Reps Editor

This is a hard workout, at least for me it would be.  It’s also a very long list of intervals.  Compare below: On the right is our standard editor and on the left is the new one.  Hello sets and reps 🙂  brought to you by the ERGdb team. The workout is brought to you by an author Flyf.  You can click here and see a lot of great workouts by him.

Here is a link to to this workout:

New Sets and Reps editor

The very loved standard edit mode

Just scroll down, down and down, and down…  keep going.  Hard to believe this is the same workout as on the left (above on mobile)

7 thoughts on “Intervals in the Sets & Reps Editor”

  1. Hi Alex,

    Some software to make FTP Test change from ERG to Sloope automatic, because are parts that wee need to make in ERG mode, but the test no, for best result is made in sloope mode.
    My question, with your creator is this possible? I think that with Zwift creator ( is possible.


  2. Hello Samoramobile, in reading this post on GoldenCheetah github

    these guys make it sound like “FreeRide” is the same as slope mode. I know FreeRide does not control the power so I guess that is the same thing as needed in an FTP test like this. We don’t currently have a way to do it. You could manually edit the file after you download it. I will add this to my list of things to do as it would be very easy to add now that we have this new editor.

  3. Hi Alex,

    Today I try to change a Workout, but not work.


    Winter Cycling with Power Training Plan W3 Day 15 – ergdb
    FTP TEST Day 15

    Time: 45:00m ->

    Warm-Up – 10′ @ 70%
    5 X 30″ @ 100% with 30″ @ 70% rest
    5′ @ 75%
    20′ @ 110%
    Cooldown – 5′ @ 65%

    As you can check I change the second last level “” this is the 20″ FTP Test, but with this mod, I don´t have any resistance.

  4. jonathancolledge

    I don’t understand either, can you do an Ftp test in slope mode?

    You can make a workout using Ipbike on Android that has slope x% for y time, or x% for z distance as a workout step. You can use this for simulating hills. Alternatively, you can ride a gpx file on Golden Cheetah.

    I would like to see a workout step on ergdb/trainerday that could be grade with a target distance, but it’s a bit out of the Erg or mrc format right now and maybe I’m the only one!

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