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W’ Calculator

Use our calculator to determine your W’ You must do these 2-things Ride as hard as you can for approximately 3-minutes, keep going if you can go longer than 3 Find an 8 to 20-minute max effort Alternatively, you can put your FTP in the second box and enter 40 minutes. Then just plug those values

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How Coached Cyclists can use TrainerDay

Below, you will see different ways that coaches can share plans and workouts with their students.  The most popular is by putting a plan in a calendar and then seeing your currently scheduled workouts in our mobile training app.   TrainingPeaks Workout of the day (WOD) Just connect to TrainingPeaks and click the WOD

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My Calendar

You have four different plan options Describing the four options – Enabling one option will disable the others. The calendar is the default plan. #1 – My Calendar WOD. This provides a simple calendar for managing your workouts in our training app.  Soon it will also synchronize the following week to Garmin, TrainingPeaks and after

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TrainingPeaks API is down. Waiting for them to fix it!!!.