ERGdb workouts in Zwift

Here we include both a video and instructions on how to load MRC files into Zwift.

Step 1 – Download a ZWO (Zwift file)

Search and find any structured workouts you want for Zwift.  Download a few of them.

Step 2 – Move From downloads folder to Zwift folder

On a both a Mac and PC your Zwift folder is located here

The [Number] above represents your Zwift userId

Step 3 Open Zwift and go to Workouts.

Make sure Zwift was closed. If not just re-open it before looking for your workouts.

Step 4 – View the workout in Zwift

That’s all there is to it and if you now close Zwift you will see this workout has synced across all your devices and computers that you use Zwift on.

Watch the Video

2 thoughts on “ERGdb workouts in Zwift”

  1. Hi Alex, this feature is awesome, thank you. I was wondering, have you ever had weird experiences with Zwift workouts where the activity laps are not aligned properly to the intervals in the final activity file?

    I’ve only done one workout so far, so I’ll have to see if it is always like this, but basically my final workout uploaded to Strava was hard to analyze because my interval efforts did not line up with the laps generated by Zwift.

    This is not a TrainerDay issue, it’s a Zwift issue, but still wondering if you have noticed this behavior?

    1. Hello Renschler, No I can’t say I have. I don’t do lap based analysis, I just use the selectors in TP WKO when I am looking but lap based sounds like it would be a much better way to do it when it works correctly. I will ask around if anyone else sees/does this.

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