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Although manually loading workouts on your Elemnt is not officially supported. This works fine. A way to delete files has been the concern which is now resolved.

A better way!!!  The manual file method described below totally works and if you tend to ride the same workouts over and over again it might still be the best way.   The other option is to use ERGdb to push workouts to the free or premium version of TrainingPeaks and auto-sync to your Wahoo Elemnt.  You can see here how to push from ERGdb to TrainingPeaks but you will need to read TP’s documentation on how to sync to your Elemnt.  Enjoy.


Step 1 – On a Mac you must install Android File Transfer App

This is for a Mac.  Download it and install it.

Make sure it is open, but it will give a warning or error message.  Just say OK. The next step will fix it.

2. Connect USB in mode for File Transfer App

You must hold the down button (on the right side) while inserting USB cable.  After this step the window will open for the app showing your folders on your Elemnt.  If not just go to the File transfer app, it should look like the screen on the next step on the left.

3. Download and Transfer Workout

Download workouts from ERGdb (we have 3000+ open source workouts) in MRC format and then just drag them into your plans folder.


4. Sync your Plans folder and view your workout

See the image, here but generally, you just sync or restart your element and go to “Planned Workouts” in your element and you will see your workout(s).  You get to planned workouts by clicking left side button and you will see it there.

* If you previously connected to Training Peaks you need to go to your phone and unlink Training Peaks for this to work.

5. Deleting Workouts

Below Murray from Wahoo says you can just delete the workouts from the Elemnt without a problem now.  I have not tested this.

Previous information below…
So there has been a lot of discussion around deleting workouts.  It appears that Dale Rider found a solution.  You must create an empty text file and name it the same file name as in your plans folder (endurance60.plan as an example).  So example_name.plan would be a workout.  Then just drag and drop that file into your plans folder and overwrite the existing file.  I am using Mac’s Text Edit app in this example.  I personally have not tested this solution but others say it works.


A Note From Wahoo Support

The ELEMNT is not currently designed to support external workouts being manually added to the device, there is not a good way to delete the workouts. Some have been able to delete by connecting the device to a computer and removing, but this is not foolproof. We do sincerely apologize. As we add this support to the device in the future, it should allow for expanded capabilities.

Thank you,

Wahoo Support (I left the persons name out)


Windows 10 Video

This is a video showing both adding a workout and deleting a workout from a Wahoo Elemnt using Windows 10 on a PC.

38 thoughts on “ERGdb + Wahoo Elemnt”

  1. Hi,
    that’s great. Do you know a way to delete a workout from the element? For me it looks like a one way solutio.

  2. Hello Julio, sorry for the slow response. Actually, someone found a solution to deleting plans/workouts after you wrote this and I added instructions above on how to delete them. He posted this on the Google Groups forum. This is great news for all of us. Best of luck.

    1. Thank you very much Alex. Deleting of the file works fine. Great help. I also appreciate the commentary of the wahoo support.

  3. Hi. Remove runs. I dont know, if the workouts really deleted, but they are not longer in the list.

  4. Yes, Class, definitely a hack but better than seeing a huge number of old workouts you don’t care about. Wahoo says they plan to address this.

  5. Well not sure what I’ve done but I loaded an Erg workout and now can’t delete it! any ideas?

      1. Yes I did but I think I screwed it up and now can’t delete said workout. Now that I have tried several times, looks like it’s stuck there. It was an erg file, should that matter?

        1. Did you try deleting or did you add an empty file with exactly the same name except for YOURFILE.erg.plan
          .plan at the end after the original name. Then you leave that file there. Resync and it should be gone from your device screen. I don’t think size should matter and ERG is fine too. I am going to try testing another way of deleting files when I get time.

          1. Yes i tried both ways. Tried just delete first which is why i think i screwed it up. I can see the empty file in explorer but the workout is still in the device.

  6. Looking forward to this: Don’t worry Wahoo Elemnt users, we have not forgotten about you. We think being able to push or sync to your Elemnt is coming soon.

  7. hi Alex, i haven’t tried : Windows 10 Video This is a video showing both adding a workout and deleting a workout from a Wahoo Elemnt using Windows 10 on a PC yet, are we able to totally delete an added mrc workout in out elemnt/elemnt bolt using this method?

      1. thanks Alex. i just tried it out and works perfectly. one thing i noticed is, the workouts added this way aren’t available in the elemnt companion app. also, there’s an option in the companion app to sync from web, but the only 2 options i see now are Training Peaks and Today’s Plan (which are both paid apps/plans) is there a way to sync workouts from ergdb through this?

  8. I’ve created a workout and downloaded it into the Elemnt Bolt and it works great. Not having a power monitor I work with heart rate. Is there a way to input target heart rate zones into your program ( I convert the equivalent power zone at the moment)? Also, on the Wahoo, there is a target heart rate section in their workout screen – it would be nice to get this to sync with your program.

    1. Hello Russ, yes we definitely want to support HR. The problem is MRC and ERG files don’t support HR targets so our solution will be to push HR based workouts to TrainingPeaks(TP) and you can sync from TP to your Wahoo. This will work with a free TP account but you will need to push the workout the day before or the day of your ride. Basically, just one click in ERGdb and a couple of minutes later it will be available on your Wahoo (might need to sync Wahoo). We have the TP sync done for power workouts just waiting on them at the moment. So hopefully we can have HR based workouts ready by the fall. We will probably do a conversion from power to HR but you will see HR range on your Wahoo.

        1. Hello Marcial, HR Issue? Or you mean the ability to train by HR. We are working on this soon. My guess is we should launch that in about 30-days or so.

  9. Thanks for having a post on this, Step 5 isn’t required now, you can simply delete the workout file and it will be removed from the list.

    1. Thanks Murray, thats great, I am friends with Adam E. your developer in Chattanooga as well as your previous CTO Doug Johnson. The cycling software world is small. I will update post now.

    1. Hello SANDROLOGY, we are sending cadence to TrainingPeaks if you add it to your workout, You could try sending a workout to TP and connect TP to wahoo and see if you see it. It should be available on your device. You can use the free version of TrainingPeaks but you must send the workout from TrainerDay to TP each day you want to workout. This article is about MRC/ERG files so it is not possible to add cadence to those files.

  10. Hello SANDROLOGY, we are sending cadence to TrainingPeaks if you add it to your workout, You could try sending a workout to TP and connect TP to wahoo and see if you see it. It should be available on your device. You can use the free version of TrainingPeaks but you must send the workout from TrainerDay to TP each day you want to workout. This article is about MRC/ERG files so it is not possible to add cadence to those files.

  11. Hi! 2/04/20 did everything according to the above instructions, it worked, completed the workout at home. But when I tried to load a workout yesterday, all the loaded workouts disappeared, only Strava segments remained. Elemnt version WE48-7082.

    1. Hi Surfdude, sorry so slow, was out sick. That is strange, I don’t currently have a Wahoo to test on. Stupidly I sold mine to a friend, I regret it because now I want to test with them. I will need to buy another one. Really this would be a better question for Wahoo support though. Sorry again so slow to respond. I know this above has worked fine for me as well as many others in the past, so might be a new issue with Wahoo firmware or something.

      1. Hi Alex! It is hardly worth buying Wahoo just for experimentation) I will write Wahoo support, but I don’t really hope for an intelligible answer-the function worked “unofficially”…

        1. They actually improved this so I don’t think it is that unofficial. Also they have a new API available and I am friends with the lead developer on that project at Wahoo but the functionality is too limited now but hopefully we will be able to just “Send to Wahoo” like we do with Garmin in the “soon.” I also find Wahoo support to be good.

  12. Hey Alex,

    thank you for the page and open source idea for trainings (I’m not a big fan of closed software ecosystems, because you never know how long such providers exists).

    Now my question: Is there a possibility to show the synced workouts in the Smartphone app under “planned trainings” – I like the filter und sort functions there but unfortunately the manually added trainings are not shown there 🙁

    1. Hello CALLMOON, you are welcome, yes this industry is too full of closed systems. Hopefully, we can eventually change that. You are talking about the Wahoo app, sorry that I do not know. You would have to ask Wahoo Support that question. They are good at responding. I think their groups are good too. My guess is the answer is no. They are working on API integration, once that happens everything should be better.

  13. Hi CALLMOON,
    I just found that out: If you add your files to the folder on your Phone, the plan appears in your app and you can send it to you wahoo! 😉 as far as I see multiple file-formats work.

    @Alex: I would really appreciate if it was possible to create files that contain a targeted bpm-value (not only the HR-zone) is that possible?

    1. Hello Bassman, I assume you mean on Android? This is interesting. Regarding RPM target. I believe it works correctly if you send to TrainingPeaks but MRC and ERG files don’t support RPM. I just ordered a Wahoo (after switching to Garmin and now back again) I am considering adding support for creating Wahoo Plan files which can have RPM targets. They plan on offering the ability for direct integration like we do with Garmin. This would be the best. Oh I see you said BPM not RPM, but it is still the same answer. Need to use TD + TP or we need to create plan files.

  14. Hi Alex, you are right. I have an Android Phone. – I find it much more convenient to choose my workout on the phone. it also shows me the workout profile.
    Yes, with TrainingPeaks, i can create files with BPM (HR) targets. At the moment i have the premium trial – i fear after that i can not edit my training plans any more!?

    1. Bassmann, yes, that sounds like a great option for Android users. If you have the paid version of TrainerDay, you can send HR based workouts to TrainingPeaks (we automatically convert Power-based to HR based equivalent). If you want a 30-day trial of TrainerDay premium, just let me know and I can set you up.

      I hope Wahoo finishes its public API. This will be the best option for TrainerDay users. When your TP goes to non-premium, you can only edit today’s workout, not your future workouts. You can just have a workout library here and send to TP each day. Not ideal but it works and is a low-cost solution.

  15. Hi Alex, thanks for your offer for the 30 day trial. Would be interesting for me to test this. Cheers, bassmann

    1. Hello Bassmann, done, you have 30-day trial. Just make sure you fist go to the home page or this blog page and are logged in before going to the app.

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