How to use My Library

Below is a video showing how My Library Works. 


 It’s very simple but the video might provide some additional insight.  Also the screenshot above shows you how to create new lists and add to list and the one on the right shows you how to view your libraries.

Video of My Library in Action

A few smaller features

We have been working on integrations and improving our API.  We also simplified the workout layout you can see on the right.  More exciting things to come soon.

14 thoughts on “How to use My Library”

  1. Excellent feature. It would be great if you could choose to share some of your lists and make these shared lists searchable. This could allow lists covering ‘training plans’ to be shared.

    1. Hello NebulaOdyssey, thanks for the suggestion. The good news is we are actually working on a feature to allow you to share training plans. 🙂 It should launch in the next 30-days.

      1. that would be cool! The workout library is great, it would be nice to be able to easily put a collection of these into a calendar on Maximum Trainer.

  2. Hi Alex, I have 3 duplicated workout on my Library but I couldn´t delete them, the buttons delete, edit and similar appear on the scroll but when I hit delete nothing happend, I try IE, Chrome and Firefox. Thanks

    1. Hello Jimmy, sorry about that. We were having some server issues at the time you created this workout. I believe that was the source of the issue. I have actually deleted those workouts. Let me know if you run into any other troubles. We have created and deleted workouts now without any trouble.

  3. Maximum Trainer software is close, watt´s best free alternative to make this workouit plans in a Wahoo Kick.

    1. For free I think GoldenCheetah is likely the best. I personally use TrainerRoad and like it the best but don’t like the high subscription pricing.

  4. About the Maximum Trainer, I thing a very good software, and very simple to use.
    I think it should not be free, but to have a low-cost subscription, compared to others, which would allow them to pay their expenses, and so I think it would get many users to help keep it active and develop it.

  5. I asked the owner (Max) if he wanted to sell it and he said no, he just wants it to go away. He is tired of it I guess.

    1. Strange attitude, after so much work, and with someone interested in buying and continuing your work, not to let your project die, have the attitude of wanting to disappear with everything, anyway …. We have to respect, but it is a sadness

      1. I think it’s like an artist that loves something they did and hates it at the same time. Can’t stand the thought of someone else having it. But yes too bad it has to die.

  6. Another good program, for android is ICW. Indoor Cycling Workout, for me work very good, but the developer stop to update, and I pay to have more workouts, but now I don´t have connections and acess to workout´s. But I thing that is a app with a good future if someone continue.

  7. Any more news on free software to display Trainer Day workouts? Trainer road seems overkill just to pay for just to display workouts I’ve pre-created. Mac OSX ideally. Anyway to get an old version of Maximum Trainer to download or is the server required to run it?

    1. Hello Craig, no I have Maximum Trainer but it won’t run. GoldenCheetah is actually a good trainer (seems complicated at first but it is actually not) and ERGvideo just launched an ERG file player mode, I have not tested it yet. Yes TR is overkill I agree.

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