Our Membership Plan (OLD PLAN)

A Word from Alex.

Everything below is still true but you can see our full new plan here


I love free stuff.  I like high-value stuff even more.  The value in TrainerDay is all the ERGdb workouts you have provided.  The TrainerDay site is just enabling everyone to share.  I don’t want to change the idea of sharing for free but we do need money to continue to develop more cool stuff.

Please subscribe and help us grow. You have the option to provide a one time payment (turn off auto-renew).  This will help us grow and give you more and more cool features.


Power Search

Power search will greatly enhance your ability to find the perfect workout.   Search your personal library. Find workouts perfect for outdoors or find workouts with great descriptions of the workouts benefits.  All this within the exact constraints you are looking for.  Very specific times, stress or intensity searches.  Also the ability to sort by varies relevant fields.  See full video below

Garmin and TrainingPeaks

You can now choose how you want to send your workouts to Garmin.  3-second power target,  10-second, lap-power and more.  This also supports Heart Rate based training.  We automatically convert some workouts to their heart rate based equivalent.  For base training for example HR based training can be superior for some workout goals.  For people using their Garmin device to control their trainer in ERG mode we also now support switching to exact power rather than a range.

You can also now send HR based workouts to TrainingPeaks as well.

See the video below

I will create a blog post and video shortly on how the heart-rate conversion works and why some workouts make sense to convert to hr based and some do now.


Share your private lists

If you have workouts you want to create private and just share a set of them with your friends you can now do that using private list share option.

Send to TrainingPeaks

This feature allow TrainingPeaks users to take full advantage of our training plans.  This makes it 1-click to send a plan to TP.  You might even want to break your plans up into smaller blocks, like 4-week blocks and just push 1-block and when you finish that one push the next one.

It really works better for TrainingPeaks premium users because it will put the workouts on specific days.  For TP free users it will put them all on today because that is a limitation of the free plan.  You can test this with a 1-week plan.  


Power Search

Garmin and TrainingPeaks options

Sharing Private Lists

Don't miss out on founding member benefits

We will always honor our founding members with special pricing.  For a limited time we are offering a founding member membership.

18 thoughts on “Our Membership Plan (OLD PLAN)”

    1. Hello Dotan, we have share a plan feature. Not sure what you mean. If you mean to share a private plan, yes we also have that option now but for the consumer of the plan to use a private plan, they must also have a paid membership.

  1. You’re welcome 😎 And, you need a Twitter account btw – the more sharing options, the better!

    1. Yes Cyclopaat, I saw your donation/membership, thanks so much. Ok, I am rather obsessive so I have avoided twitter a little bit. Maybe I will create one.

    2. Hello Cyclopaat, I have decided you are right about Twitter. I created an account and plan to use it @trainerdaycom. I realize there are so many small updates we do and I don’t want to spam email or Facebook, I will start putting all the small stuff there for now and see how that goes.

  2. I was about to submit a $25 donation… but I stopped the process because everything is setup in a very confusing way… you talk about donation… but on the donation page it’s suddenly a yearly renewal subscription plan…. when I try to login on the upgrade page I get a WordPress login screen… for me it’s completely intransparent to what I subscribe to and what I get back… even after reading your blog post… be transparent and clear then you have a chance to get money…

    1. Hi AJ, thanks for trying to donate sorry the process did not go smoothly. Oh, I understand what happened now regarding the WordPress login page. I will fix that, thanks for pointing it out. WordPress is the technology we use for logging users in but we try to make it so it does not feel like that. Like yourself, many people have said they wanted to donate. I have called it donate/membership for that reason. Truly it is a membership because you are getting features for what you are paying for and will continue to get more features. I added a few more sentences trying to make it more clear. You will receive an email before your plan renews next year, by then we plan to have features you can’t live without 🙂 If you want me to cancel the auto-renew immediately just send me an email to the email at the bottom of this page. Thanks again for pointing out the confusion. We love your support with or without a payment.

    2. Hello again AJ, I actually figured out there is a setting in the subscription plugin I am using and I was able to allow users to choose to auto-renew or not. This makes a single donation very easy. Thanks again for pointing out your concern. I also believe we fixed the WordPress login issue you saw.

  3. Hello Alex. Thanks for your feedback… I can see that you are most probably a programmer not a marketeer… I assume you want to provide a honest and clear service… you don’t want to be “fishy”… right? But still… if I read the following I still don’t know your intention… “If you donate you will see it is actually an annual subscription but you can choose to auto-renew or not. For $25 you are a founding member for life.”
    A donation is a one-time payment… I give something because I want to support your cause and your efforts in the past and the future… I don’t expect additional feature… I just expect that the currently free service can also be used in the future… therefore I donate in order to keep the free service up… for a subscription i expect additional features that are not accessible to the free acounts… therefore I pay a certain fee for a specific period of time.. in this case a year… with a transparent business model you give the user the control if he wants to sign-up for one year with or without auto-renewal…
    this is clear for the user… don’t mix donation with subscription and additionally with “founding member for life” which is for nothing. this gives your cause a dubious overtone. Cheers

    1. Yes AJ, programmers love to merge to disparate ideas together and make it a “generic” and ultimately the more complex solution. I am guilty. I like to think I am ok at marketing but I definitely fall short at certain times, this is one of them. I have decided the simplest option is just to remove the word donation completely. I would love to hear your thoughts on the new wording.

  4. I am very interested in the use of workouts, however, being a total Wahoo user with the Roam, and not having any other app like Trainerroad, training peaks, today’s plan etc, I am interested to hear if there is a plan for a better way to be able to send/sync the files with the Wahoo Elemnt/Roam/Bolt. Is this something you can disclose? It seems garmin users are being provided for via the ability to send to garmin connect. Thanks, Ryan

    1. Hello Ryan, we are working on direct integration with Wahoo but they don’t support pushing workouts yet via public API, hopefully soon. You can create a free TrainingPeaks account and sync to your Wahoo, that is currently the best way. Otherwise, you have to download files and copy them to your device while it is plugged into your computer. This is a bit more painful. Best of luck ~alex

  5. Hi ALex

    i thought i would give your website a go and have been transferring files to my garmin 520 which works great, i wondered as i wanted to transfer some V02 workouts to garmin but it comes up with a message saying ‘sorry garmin only supports 50 steps’ and it will not let me transfer the workout. Is there a way around this?



    1. Hi Chris, this is a Garmin limitation. The biggest issue is when you have ramps. We convert ramps to steps and 1 ramp can be a lot of steps. We are working on improving this to reduce the number of steps for more complex workouts. But you just need to manually convert ramps to steps and/or remove some steps. Best of luck.

  6. Hi! Firstly, thanks for this awesome website. I wanted to know if I can add multiple garmin accounts? I have added mine but wanted to add my wife’s so we can get the workouts I suggest.


    1. Hello Mr Mind, you are welcome. No, we don’t have this ability now but I bet some coaches would appreciate it. Right now you just have to create two accounts.

      You can submit it as a feature request on this page if you feel two accounts is too much trouble. https://trainerday.com/feature-requests/

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