Ramps and Steps

TrainingPeaks and Garmin do not support ramps

ERGdb supports ramps which makes creating increasing or decreasing power targets simpler.  MRC and ERG files both support ramps. 

TrainingPeaks and Garmin do not support ramps.  

So ERGbd has an algorithm that automatically converts ramps to steps trying not to produce just the right number of steps. 

The problem with Garmin

Garmin only supports up to 50 steps.  Generally this conversion works great but Garmin only supports up to 50 steps total so you have to factor this in when trying to push workouts to Garmin.  A workout like the one at the bottom of this page can not be pushed to Garmin.  The ramps just increase the number of steps more.  Workouts must be simplified.

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    1. Sorry for the slow response. Yes 50 for the whole workout. That is what the error message says anyway. I tried 60 and it gave me that message.

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