Send Full Plans to Garmin. Also, our New Week Selector

Send Plan to Garmin

You can now send an entire plan directly to your Garmin Calendar.  

Specify Weeks
You can also select specific weeks to send to either Garmin or TrainingPeaks.  This means you can find a plan that you only like a part of it, and just follow 4 of 16 weeks for example.  

It’s also perfect for people with unpredictable schedules.  Ever try to add a 16 week plan to your calendar and then have to move things around by a few days or a week? (painful)  No longer now, just send a few weeks at a time.

See only 1-week sent to TrainingPeaks

It works the same with with Garmin

If you make a mistake sending to Garmin

I made this mistake. If you send the wrong plan or workouts to Garmin, it’s faster to delete the workouts from the Training/Garmin tab on the website and this will clean it from your calendar.  You can also delete from directly from your calendar but it may not be as efficient especially if the same workouts are on multiple days in your calendar.

A quick 2-minute video showing you how it works.

It’s fairly self-explanatory but some people just like videos and I enjoy making them 🙂 

5 thoughts on “Send Full Plans to Garmin. Also, our New Week Selector”

  1. Hey Alex,
    First of all my compliments! It all works like a charm. Wahoo Elemnt Bolt + ERGdb + Golden Cheetah + VeloHero
    Glad we can now export the plan as .ics file. I only miss the link to the workout in my calendar…
    greatings Mario

    1. PS I saw your base 1 plan. I love it. I wish more people would create fundamental plans like this. Keep up the good work

      1. Thanx for this motivation. Still in progress. I use Joe Friels trainings bible to get back on the bike. So i make and ride this trainingsplan at the same time 😉

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