Workouts in TrainingPeaks

Connect & Push

  • Go to Apps and Devices (under more menu)
  • Connect to TrainingPeaks
  • Go to My Library
  • Click send and select TrainingPeaks

We hope you enjoy this feature.  


TrainingPeak Coaches – You must connect from ERGdb with your premium athlete account and then copy any workouts to your coach account

For Garmin Users
Regarding pushing workouts to Garmin.  By pushing to TrainingPeaks instead of directly to Garmin, it will go directly to your Garmin calendar (not to your workout library) and so it will go directly to your Garmin device, no additional steps are required.  

If your FTP is correctly entered in TrainingPeaks, you will get around the Garmin 520/530 bug regarding negative power targets.

A quick 2-minute video instructions

7 thoughts on “Workouts in TrainingPeaks”

  1. Hi Alex, thank you very much for the update, excellent integration.

    Do you have any idea if you will ever do the same level of direct integration with Today’s Plan?

  2. Hello Wattlab. Thanks for your compliment. I just sent an email to Today’s plan support to ask them if their API supports structured workouts, from the documentation it looks like it does not. So we don’t have it on our calendar now but it sounds like a logical step in the future. I know at least some of the coaches using ERGdb also use Today’s plan.

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