Coach Jack Periodization Types

Event Date Base Plans include periodization

When creating a new plan. If you select a date for an event or your target goal, Coach Jack will assign periodization to your plan.  Periodization means different blocks of work for different periods of time. The simplistic classic is base, build, peak.

Over 28-weeks. Just do something fun. If you are over 28-weeks from your desired event or date, then you might as well just have fun and ride how you want or just pick a short duration plan to get you until this time.

Coach Jacks 3-block model

  • Base – Because most riders can only sustain between about 16-20 weeks of hard work following a base period will prepare your body for this harder build and peak blocks. Also, if you are just getting back in the saddle, this will get you prepared.
  • Build – During this period, you will maximize your training if you start from your current hours and build them up to a higher level
  • Peak – Classically, our peak period, can be called – build 2 + peak + taper as it contains all 3 of these elements.  This is where your event or goal specific training takes place.


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