Push Workouts to Garmin

Video to watch end to end process of getting your workouts on your Garmin Device.

Three Easy Steps

Go to My Profile, Apps and Devices and connect to Garmin.

Add a workout to a list such as your Favorites.

ClGo to My Library and click download on a workout and push to Garmin.  Then go to Garmin Connect and push to your device. 

Push Workouts to Garmin

Video to watch end to end process of getting your workouts on your Garmin Device.

Three Easy Steps

Go to My Profile, Apps and Devices and connect to Garmin.

Add a workout to a list such as your Favorites.

ClGo to My Library and click download on a workout and push to Garmin.  Then go to Garmin Connect and push to your device. 

65 thoughts on “Push Workouts to Garmin”

  1. Hi Alex,
    what a fabolous idea – it works – but there is one bug. The %FTP-values are transferred as fixed watt-values to garmin connect (80 % FTP in the workout on ergdb becomes 80 watt on garmin connect). Is it possible to fix this? That would be great!
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Alex,
      sorry for bothering you. Please forget my comment – today it works like a charm.
      Thank you,

  2. Following your instructions and using a Garmin Edge 520. When I start a workout I get negative power targets, example -957 to -953. Where is the FTP % computation performed?



    1. Hello zjdieterle, Actually we just send a percent of FTP to Garmin so the actual Watts is calculated by Garmin, you must have your FTP set correctly in Garmin Connect. I tested again today and everything is working fine, and I know this is working fine for other issues so really this should be something you just need to configure. Negative watts sure sounds strange though.

      1. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the training screen in Edge 520, 820, 1030, 830, 530. Target power is correctly calculated and if instead of the training screen there will be a data field “target power” it will work well. Unfortunately, the scale of the training screen will be with minus values, for example -910 …- 900 or, for example, -872 …- 858.
        Examples in shared screen shots (Edge 1030 in Polish;)): https://photos.app.goo.gl/URg6vxRdzuNtPBUG8
        Solution of the above-mentioned problem of incorrect scale on the training screen? Report to Garmin support;) – and for now, I suggest to introduce the possibility of sending the target power, which has been defined in ERGDB.
        What’s more, if there is such a possibility, I would ask for the possibility of setting not just the target power, but the average target power, e.g. from 3 seconds or 10 seconds – to choose from. This will reduce the number of messages with too little or too much power when training outside, on the trainer it is easier to maintain a constant power, but here too, the narrow range is exceeded.

        Regards, Leszek.

        1. Hello Leszek, I use a Wahoo so I have not really tested this other than my watch. I just ordered a 530 so I can fully test this. I understand what you mean and this should be a fairly easy fix/improvement. I will let you know what I find.

        2. Leszek, I did just switch from power to power_3s. I also increased the range so it is 90-110% of target rather than 95-105%. This should help reduce the amount of noise you get. Let me know if you find anything else. I was waiting to hear back from Garmin on this bug before publishing these changes. Not sure how long it will take them to fix their bug.

          1. Thanks, I’ll check tomorrow. Workouts arranged in Connect are also already by default with averaged power up to 3 seconds. I hope that they will remove the problem for the winter season and intensive work on the trainer;)

  3. Hi Alex, I have the same problem of the scale on the training screen showing -900 etc and this is on a garmin 530. Hopefully this can be fixed shortly. Thanks!

  4. Woodcock Johnson IV

    Ditto these remarks on negative power readings on the workouts screen. Although I have no idea how to troubleshoot this, once resolved, this feature will make integrating all my ergdb workouts available for indoor and outdoor training platforms. I’m looking forward to it!

    1. Hello, Mr. Johnson, I am just back from vacation. I just got a 530 so I will see if I can verify this issue.

      1. Yes, everyone, I can see the same issue on my 530. I sent Garmin a message to see if they can help as my code all seems correct. I know it worked correctly on my watch when I tested it.

        1. Ok, so found the source of the issue. It appears to be a bug in Garmin but waiting for them to confirm. I do have a way to fix it if they are too slow but it will require sending workouts in specific Watts rather than percent of your current Garmin Connect FTP. It would be your ERGdb FTP. I don’t know if these workouts would “self-adjust” in watts as your FTP changes in Garmin. Anyway, we will get this fixed one way or the other.

          1. Woodcock Johnson IV

            Cool! I don’t know if I’m representative of all ergdb users, but I’d prefer the use of relative values based on percentage of ergdb ftp. Time isn’t really pressing, since the season is about to turn cold and i’ll be doing much training indoors anyway. I’m in favor of percentage of ftp over absolute watts, since that makes it easier to keep the workouts consistent and avoid having to duplicate files when ftp changes. Super easy to align Garmin and Ergdb ftp figures!

            Thanks again for this great work!

  5. Hi everyone, finally got word back from Garmin this is indeed a 520/530 device bug and they will work on getting it fixed.

    1. Hi,

      Is this fixed? Also i just want to check the edge 530 will control the wahoo kickr based on the power workouts? this way we dont need to subscribed to zwift or trainerroad? which one is best garmin 530 or wahoo element?

      1. Hello Marlon, no still waiting on Garmin. There will be another option this week. Which is push from ERGdb to TrainingPeaks and they will push to Garmin. Just need to push on the day of your workout or maybe the day before. This TR integration will be announced very soon. Yes you should be able to control your kickr with a 530 and then you don’t need Zwift/TrainerRoad. Personally I don’t really like doing it this way, just about 10 clicks instead of 2 or 3, one click on a 530 feels like 5 on the phone/computer though… TR is by far the simplest for me but I also don’t like the subscription fees 🙂 Or you can use Maximum Trainer or Golden Cheetah also without subscription.

  6. Hi Alex,

    What a great site! Only just come across it and I so grateful that I did!

    As a Training Peaks premium user also using a Wahoo head unit, I have a quick question of clarification from a couple of comments you have made in blogs and other places on the site.

    I was really excited to read this under “Apps and devices”: “If you are a TrainingPeaks user we suggest you push your workouts to TrainingPeaks and allow them to automatically sync to your Garmin calendar, this gives you some added benefits as well as saves you some effort”.

    Is this currently possible? I cannot see instructions on how to get ergdb PLANNED workouts into Training Peaks.

    Also, from the Wahoo sync solution Blog page: “so our solution will be to push workouts to TrainingPeaks(TP) and you can sync from TP to your Wahoo. …Basically, just one click in ERGdb and a couple of minutes later it will be available on your Wahoo (might need to sync Wahoo). We have the TP sync done for power workouts just waiting on them at the moment”.

    Also above on this page – “This TR (do you mean TP?) integration will be announced very soon”.

    I really want a solution to have workouts from ergdb. appear in Training Peaks which then sync with the Wahoo – have I understood correctly? Is this actually coming or already possible 🙂

    Many thanks!

  7. Hi everyone well Garmin is going really slow fixing this 520/530 bug. There is a good work around now which is signup up for a free TrainingPeaks account and enter your FTP there and connect to Garmin. Then connect ERGdb to TrainingPeaks and you can push workouts and it should not have this negative power target bug because TrainingPeaks uses watts instead of percent. See instructions here https://trainerday.com/training-peaks-push-workouts/

    1. That’s right, the training sent by TrainingPeaks works correctly on Edge 1030, probably also on 530/830.
      By the way – sending directly to Connect does not work, via TP works. I disconnected the connection and reconnected without success.

      1. It seems a few users are having issues with this Garmin connection. Let us see if we can figure it out, I have one idea as to why this is happening. Also since Garmin is so slow in fixing this, I will probably just switch to Watts based workouts with FTP from ERGdb then we won’t have this problem with negative power targets with the direct push to Garmin.

  8. Ok I found one problem here. That Garmin rejects any workouts with more that 50 steps. Garmin also does not support ramps so we convert ramps to steps, so a workout that is normally 40 steps might turn into 50 or more. I will put a message on the site that shows this error which might be the only problem for directly pushing to Garmin. I would assume TrainingPeaks has the same problem pushing to Garmin.

  9. That’s strange, because yesterday evening I pushed a workout of more than 50 steps. Then later in the evening, the same workout, after having been deleted from Garmin, could not be pushed.

    Prior to this I had no problems with the same workout.

  10. I have just checked – I definitely have pushed the workout before – I have the fit file copied from the Garmin watch. It broke yesterday evening. The workout is now displaying a bit funny on my workouts page of ErgDb.

    1. Hello Jonathan, if you could send the link to your workout and what you mean by funny in ERGdb that would help. As stated above there is definitely a problem pushing workouts that have more than 50 steps. I have put an article here with a bit more detail.


      Very soon, I am going to add validation on the UI so that it tells a person workouts with more than 50 steps can’t be pushed to Garmin. If your workout is for sure very simple and not many steps and big ramps then we need to see if there is something else.

  11. It looks fine now, sorry, I think that was a browser problem when losing Internet connectivity. Here is the one that definitely went to Garmin yesterday and several times before (I think they have changed something even as late as yesterday, I can’t manually upload to the site, but it works fine if I copy it to my watch): https://trainerday.com/workout/hiit-anaerobic-7/

    Is export directly to fit something you could add please?

  12. “but it works fine if I copy it to my watch”

    By that I mean, the fit file that ErgDb pushed to Garmin previously, which luckily I had copied and saved from my watch previously.

    1. If you can copy it to your watch but not to your cycling computer then this is some type of Garmin bug. I have both a watch and computer so I could try it if you send me a link to your workout.

  13. We have just improved this so if there is an error from Garmin it will now tell you when you try to send it from ERGdb so no more wondering if it worked. I am also logging all errors clearly so hopefully I can fix it if there is anything different than this 50 steps issue.

  14. Thanks, given that the same workout went across fine before, I’m going to give Garmin support a try and hopefully they can change things back. I’ve sent you a link by replying to the email I got notifying me of the post – I hope that works (it is this same workout, but on the email I attached the fit file, https://trainerday.com/workout/hiit-anaerobic-7/)

    1. That workout definitely has more than 50 steps in it. So now when you try to push from ERGdb you will get an error now. As you suggested maybe they recently changed something with regards to this this 50 step limit. If they made this type of change it seems unlikely they would change back. I personally think you could simplify this workout and get most of the training benefit but that is always a matter of opinion. 🙂

      Here is very close to the same but no ramp, maybe you split the warmup in 2 steps if you wanted because it is currently at 45 steps. If you remove ramps you can count steps pasting into excel


  15. Thank you, yes, I don’t need the ramp. Though the first set of low power intervals are to tell my brain “intervals are easy” before the second set of high power intervals. The second set of low power ones are just to look forward to so aren’t really needed and are just there for interest’s sake, so I could get rid of them.

    I have emailed Garmin support and they replied saying likely a third party problem i.e. ErgDb, despite it working yesterday, but I replied saying that I can’t even import the previous fit file directly via Garmin connect and that implies a problem at their end, because it worked before with the same file and now it doesn’t.

    I’ll see what they say to that and will report back.

  16. Garmin support don’t have a handle on the issue, but I just synced the workout with 53 steps from Training Peaks to Garmin successfully.

    1. Oh, that is interesting. I launched this Garmin using a non-production version of the API. They stated they only difference was production could handle 6k transactions per minute or something. It’s possible there are other differences. I am also pushing FTP percent steps and TP is pushing Watt steps + FTP so that is another difference. When I call the API with 60 steps I get a message that says 50 max but it is possible it will allow a few more but now I blocked anything over 50. So that is all a lot of small differences. I will test this more. I plan on switching to Production API and sending watts so then I should be identical to TP.

  17. Hi, guys, we fixed the issue regarding negative values showing on the cycling computers 520/530/… It is Garmin’s bug but I gave up waiting for them to fix them so now ERGdb asks your FTP before pushing and it sends Watts rather than percent. ERGdb shows your FTP when you push so as long as you have it correctly then it will work fine. I guess many people have been pushing to TrainingPeaks, which is great. If you prefer it to go to your Garmin workouts rather than your calendar then ERGdb>Garmin direct might be the better choice.

  18. jonathancolledge

    Thanks for the update.

    Regarding pushing workouts greater than 50 steps:

    When Training Peaks push the workout only the first 50 steps turn up on the Gramin device
    And when looking at the file that ends up on the watch there are only 50 steps, meaning it is truly truncated (rather than retained and only 50 steps are displayed). This may be in Training Peaks as if you download a Fit file directly, it too is truncated. Or it may be the new fit sdk or whatever?

    This is very definitely new behaviour from Garmin (luckily I have a previous file, downloaded from my watch that isn’t truncated), which annoys me somewhat as they failed to understand the issue and confirm it, saying it is likely a third party issue – clearly it is something more complicated, as Training Peaks is affected too and like I say, this is a recent change.

    Now for the interesting part. If I copy my old file that isn’t cut short, over to my Garmin watch via USB into the workouts folder, all steps turn up! So it isn’t a device limitation.

    Anyway, this means that the notification you have added to ErgDb to warn us when we try to send to Garmin is really useful. It tells us we need to find another way to get that file onto our devices. Unfortunately there is now no way I can see as Training Peaks now only saves 50 steps (it looks like 49 + a cool down). This site: https://whatsonzwift.com/convert/ doesn’t produce valid fit files regardless of number of steps. The only way currently is to build a Fit file from scratch using something like Fitfilerepair tool.

    If you added export to Fit, would that work? Or would it be limited/truncated too?

    1. That’s great information Jonathan. I happen to have a friend that is an expert in generating FIT files. Funny thing is he works for TrainingPeaks 🙂 I would assume this limitation would still exist in FIT files but you never know. I can ask him if he is willing to test it or he might know this answer already. I think you should just forget about this and create 2 30 steps workouts and ride them back to back. 🙂 I will let you know if I find out anything.

  19. Hi, thanks for the good work. I tried ERGdb with my Garmin 520 and it is really cool to use. However I seem to experience a bug. I use it with a Tacx Neo. I start the workout and on some steps the power adjust but then suddenly it look like the trainer disconnect or that it think that he need to change the resistance level. It do not do this for the rest of the step then on the next step it do it again. Yesterday he did this half of the workout and then it stopped. Do you have an idea of the trouble?

  20. Maybe it’s a dropout issue, this morning I moved the 520, I still have speed dropout but no problem with the resistance level changing.

    1. Hello Kafou, I have a Neo Tacx and a 530 and could not get it to control my Neo correctly and I gave up. I started feeling a bit stupid and did not have enough time to figure it out. I don’t think it is an ERGdb problem, I think it is a Garmin/Tacx problem. I do know someone else using Garmin to control their smart trainer and it works well for them so it should work. Especially now that Garmin owns Tacx. If it is there issue they should have fixed it already. I don’t know but let me know if you figure this out. I will test again when I have time.

  21. Hi Alex, is there anything change for pushing to garmin? I was able to push to the device no problem 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I can push from trainer day to Garmin connect. However all the new created workout I cannot push either from Garmin connect mobile or Garmin express (PC) to the garmin 530 edge device. Thanks in advance.

    1. i figure out the issue on my new work out i put the cadence range 85-95 rather than just a number. i think that caused the issue.

  22. Woodcock Johnson IV

    So I don’t know if I’d call this a workaround to the Garmin thing, but I got so annoyed with the -900 watt target power that I literally tried every other display to generate numbers that made sense. If you setup a workout screen that includes TIMER, DURATION, WORKOUT COMPARISON, and TARGET POWER, you’ll get the benefit of visual reference to your target wattage and then a figure for target watts as a percentage of FTP.

    The drawback I’ve encountered is that the target power screen displays target power as percentage of FTP while the displayed power is in watts.

    1. Woodcock, actually if you push workouts now it should not have this “-” negative issue. We push Watts now based on your FTP, not % of FTP. Garmin actually fixed it to work with % of FTP in the X30 devices but said they won’t in older devices so I am just leaving it as Watts.

  23. Hello Alex,
    thank you for your great work with Trainerday. It’s really great what functions the platform now has.
    I have the following problem when controlling the created workouts with my Garmin Edge 1030 and Edge 830: I plan a workout and create e.g. a stage where I want to drive at 230 watts of resistance for 5 minutes. After the transfer to the Garmin, however, I get a level where the Garmin gives me a range of e.g. 210 to 240 watts!?!
    Why is that and can you change it? One area is of no use to me. Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that even when creating a workout in Garmin Connect, Garmin only ever accepts areas and I cannot specify a fixed wattage?
    Best regards

    1. Hello Holger,
      This is actually a “TrainerDay feature.” We assume people are riding outdoors with Garmin and range is better. You are the first to suggest fixed value. We are working on other enhancements regarding pushing to Garmin. 3S vs Lap power target for example. We will incorporate this as well, this especially makes sense for indoor trainer control. It will probably be a month before we launch these changes. Thanks ~alex

      1. Hello Alex,
        Thanks for your quick reply. As a cyclist it is always good to be the first to do something! 😉 Yes, I think many will use Zwift or other training platforms for indoor training. However, I only ride my indoor trainer and watch Tour de France stages. I have my training plans and that’s enough for me. I can also control via Golden Cheetah, but there I do not get an expired time until the next scheduled interval (or does it work?) But the display on my Garmin is enough for me. I have it right in front of my eyes, see the elapsing time until the next lap / interval and can still watch my cycling videos on the TV screen.
        Greetings Holger

        1. Cool, Holger, yes I have heard of others using Garmin to control their trainer. I tried with my Neo but it did not work correctly but to be honest I spent about 10-minutes trying and gave up. We are actually working on adding a low-cost donation/membership option with more features. This feature will be part of a lot of extra features going into that. If you email me I can get you on the beta testing group and tell you the planned price if you are curious. This should be within a month from now, ideally 2-weeks 🙂

      2. Hi Alex
        How does this feature actually works?
        How many percents decreased and addeed to target power to create a range in garmin?
        Look, I’ve got a workout, where I need to work on 50-100% (app.trainerday.com/workouts/38541).
        When I throw workout to garmin, it shows me different ranges:
        50% (120W, my FTP as 240W) – in garmin 102…137W – looks like 7%FTP
        . . should be . garmin shows . . .
        target %ftp target watt from to from to range %
        50 120 102,77 136,23 102 137 7,32
        70 167 150,57 184,03 142 192 10,46
        60 143 126,67 160,13 122 165 9,00
        50 120 102,77 136,23 102 137 7,32
        75 179 162,52 195,98 152 206 11,30
        50 120 102,77 136,23 102 137 7,32
        75 179 162,52 195,98 152 206 11,30
        80 191 174,47 207,93 182 201 3,97
        85 203 186,42 219,88 193 213 4,18
        90 215 198,37 231,83 204 226 4,60
        95 227 210,32 243,78 216 238 4,60
        100 239 222,27 255,73 227 251 5,02
        50 120 102,77 136,23 102 137 7,32
        Is it possible to show directly watts without range?

        1. Hi Val. Yes, if you upgrade to the paid version on the apps, you have additional settins on apps and devices page. See here. We do +-5% in the free version and +-15% on the Z1 and Z2.

  24. Hi All,
    Finally started using trainerday and ditch my trainerroad subscription!! Im using 530, i noticed occasional drops on 3s avg power.. is there a way i can avoid this? Or how can i change the default workout profile power recording for 10s


    1. Hello Marlon, yes I understand your feelings exactly. We are launching a donation/membership version (for a founding member price of 25$/year) soon (within 2-weeks I hope), that will have features such as push workout as 10S power targets as well as many other small features. I don’t know exactly what you mean by dropping 3s power though.

      1. Hi Alex,

        I mean during workouts there are occasional power drops. I think this can be avoided if we can change it to 10s avg. Im looking forward for that donation membership thing.

        Keep it up!


        1. Sounds great, if this feature does not launch in the next few weeks I can get you early access if this 3S keeps causing you issues.

  25. Is there a way to enter “pause until lap key press” steps in workouts pushed to Garmin or can they be added in Garmin Connect? These are used to control when the next ON interval starts for safety or terrain reasons

    1. Hello potsiea, We will be launching that next week. 🙂 we are technically really launching open ended interval meaning just ride this interval until you hit lap. I think this can do what you want.

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