Coach Jack Periodization Types

Event Date Base Plans include periodization When creating a new plan. If you select a date for an event or your target goal, Coach Jack will assign periodization to your plan.  Periodization means different blocks of work for different periods of time. The simplistic classic is base, build, peak. Over 28-weeks. Just do something fun. If …

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Follow a route

Importing a route is cool 🙂 🙂 🙂 Importing routes has three main features:Number One: If you ride a route outdoors, you can download it as TCX or GPX and assuming you have a power meter and power data when you import it you can ride it as ERG mode in many apps. We will add FIT file …

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TrainingPeaks WOD – Workout of the Day

Here is a quick-easy 5 step process for seeing your TP workouts inside of TrainerDay. If you connected to TrainingPeaks before Feb 2021, then you should disconnect and reconnect to TrainingPeaks (step 2) if not, you can ignore this step and/or just connect. 

Convertible Training Plans

Many people believe a plan is something sacred, and “they” designed it for you to follow it exactly.  Virtually all coaches and experts would agree, plans should be adapted for you. When cloning or copying a plan in TrainerDay, you can select the days you want to train. It won’t take long, take control, make some adjustments.  You …

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Learn About Interval Comments

Interval comments Available for ZWO file downloads for Zwift only. More systems coming soon.  See in the image, it shows you exactly where your comment will appear in the interval.  We will plan on adding interval comments to other platforms.  I know GoldenCheetah has also said they will support importing .zwo files with interval comments …

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Everything you need to know about training in 15-minutes (Dylan Johnson CTS)

We are starting a series on evidence-based training.  The primary goal is to inspire you to take full-control of your training and be more confident in your choices and recognize when you are going off the path.  Following a generic training plan will rarely make you as fast as if you self-coach and make quality …

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