W’ Calculator

Use our calculator to determine your W’ You must do these 2-things Ride as hard as you can for approximately 3-minutes, keep going if you can go longer than 3 Find an 8 to 20-minute max effort Alternatively, you can put your FTP in the second box and enter 40 minutes. Then just plug those values …

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Coach Jack Periodization Types

Event Date Base Plans include periodization When creating a new plan. If you select a date for an event or your target goal, Coach Jack will assign periodization to your plan.  Periodization means different blocks of work for different periods of time. The simplistic classic is base, build, peak. Over 28-weeks. Just do something fun. If …

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Follow a route

Importing a route is cool 🙂 🙂 🙂 Importing routes has three main features:Number One: If you ride a route outdoors, you can download it as TCX or GPX and assuming you have a power meter and power data when you import it you can ride it as ERG mode in many apps. We will add FIT file …

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Learn About Interval Comments

Interval comments Available for ZWO file downloads for Zwift only. More systems coming soon.  See in the image, it shows you exactly where your comment will appear in the interval.  We will plan on adding interval comments to other platforms.  I know GoldenCheetah has also said they will support importing .zwo files with interval comments …

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