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Our free version will always rock, but our paying members will get it super-sized (zero calories) going forward.  Lock in your future benefits today.  

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For a limited time we consider all subscribers a founding member for life.  You will get a founding member badge and long term discounts if you keep your paid membership active.

As many of you have told us. This platform is amazing for free and you want to help. Please help.

We want to continue to do great things together but we need money to do that. We are confident this can be a very well spent $25.  Give $25 one time or yearly is even better :


You can go to our blog and see a detailed article and videos on all the extra features you get.

You can also see a small summary of the features below.

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Top secret feature coming soon.  Many people have requested this but it is coming.  We hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

We will continue to add features to our free platform but the paid version will get the bulk of the cool features going forward.


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  • FEATURES: Advance Search, Send plans to TrainingPeaks. Private list sharing. Lots of extra Garmin and TrainingPeaks options including Heart Rate training. More coming soon.
  • HELPING US GROW: We can't thank you enough, other than by creating more cool stuff.
  • Discounts on future plans - when you keep your subscription active.
  • You will get a lifetime "Founding Member" badge and recognition

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