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Our App Rocks

Just wanted to say what a revelation your app is.
I don’t think there is an app that gets you up and running so quick with no messing.

I generally use it more than Zwift and certainly use it instead of Zwift workouts

I hope you guys get more notoriety in the same level as TrainerRoad as I think you have a better app and suite of utilities.
Revolutionized my training, pop in my aimed TSS and Zones and stack my plan up for the week.
Wishing you guys all the success you deserve 👍👍👍👍
I used TrainerRoad religiously for 3 years and got some great results with it. The recent price hike encouraged me to check out the competition. I’ve now been on TrainerDay for 3 months. The workouts aren’t as high intensity (as Alex says) and yet my FTP is up 50 watts in the first 11 weeks. For me that is the best increase I have ever experienced. I’m a convert!
I made the switch from TR and have to say the TD coach Jack plan works much better for my aging body. I do cherry pick some workouts from time to time to help out my B and C races but for the most part, stick to my Coach Jack plan.
I used to think of TD as being an excellent alternative to the over priced TR but now I would not go back to TR even if they were the same price.
Thank you for the update email. I love TrainerDay!!
Emil Segerås
Excellent! I especially like that I can just start the app and immediately start pedalling, warming up while choosing a workout. No time wasted!
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