ERGdb API documentation

One REST method “get workouts” is all you need!!!  We do have other methods if you can’t get what you need from this. Just send us a special request below.

This is a filterable request method and in stage use returns 10 results and in production use will return more.  The default is 100 records returned. 

See a fully working CURL example below.  All the parameters in the query string are optional.  As stated this only returns 10 rows using the staging API key.


Example CURL call
curl "" -H 'X-API-KEY: stage-123799'

* There is up to a 30 minute delay between the time a workout is created and the time it is available in the API.

Retrieving Data Using Swagger

You can test our API’s online using Swagger by going to this link YOU NEED AN API KEY.    Here is a test API KEY you can use stage-123799 This is limited to 50 queries per day and only returns 10 results at a time.  If you need a production API key please fill out the form below.

Above is using our staging API key that is described in the Swagger section.  Test it out and when you are ready for production use send in a request below.

Workout Object

Below is a workout object.  The segments property is the most important.  You can understand the structure by going to our create workouts page.  It is the same structure. 

“id”: “5e2c8f53-936b-4c5d-aab9-19bdab61d13e”,
“slug”: “tempo-and-hills-6-19-2”,
“updateDate”: “03/15/2019”,
“title”: “tempo and hills 6/19”,
“description”: “8min WU, 3/4/3/4min on 1 min recovery between\n1 leg drills, 30 sec each leg, 5 times\n2min hills increasing intensity every 30 sec, 1 min recovery”,
“durationMinutes”: 39,
“author”: “Jordan C”,
“dominantZone”: “tempo”,
“workoutStatus”: “public”,
“bikeStress”: 29,
“intensity”: 0.67,
“timeInZones”: {
“z1”: 18,
“z2”: 7,
“z3”: 14,
“z4”: 0,
“z5”: 0,
“z6”: 0
“createDate”: “03/15/2019”,
“segments”: [[8,50,50],[3,80,80],[1,45,45],[4,80,80],[1,45,45],[3,80,80],[1,45,45],[4,80,80],[2,45,45],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[4,50,50],[0.5,60,60],[0.6,65,65],[0.5,70,70],[0.5,75,75],[1,45,45]]}

Production API Key Request

Really we won’t deny anyone access.  We just want to track usage and understand if you may need additional methods or have any special requirements.  We are also really curious.  If your project is top secret you don’t need to give away your secret sauce, just give a little information on the nature of what you are doing including the volume of calls you plan to do. 

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