API documentation

One REST method “get workouts” is all you you should need.

We are in the process of updating this documentation now.  1/20/2021.  Hopefully we should have more here soon.

Are you thinking of building a competitor to our indoor training app?  No problem.  We really believe in sharing and letting cyclists train the way they want to train, not forcing them into using a specific training app.


Workout Object

Below is an example of what our getWorkouts returns

    “workoutName”: “tempo and hills 6/19”,
    “segments”: [[8,50,50],[3,80,80],[1,45,45],[4,80,80],[1,45,45],[3,80,80],[1,45,45],[4,80,80],[2,45,45],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[0.5,65,65],[4,50,50],[0.5,60,60],[0.6,65,65],[0.5,70,70],[0.5,75,75],[1,45,45]]

API Key Request

Really we won’t deny anyone access.  We just want to track usage and understand if you may need additional methods or have any special requirements.  We are also really curious.  If your project is top secret you don’t need to give away your secret sauce, just give a little information on the nature of what you are doing including the volume of calls you plan to do. 

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