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Designed by Andrea Morelli. Top Italian science-based cycling coach.

The Most Flexible Plan Builder EVER

The simple way takes 60-seconds. If you want more, you can control “everything” in a few minutes. The 4-minute video below will show you end-to-end.

Train Like The Pros

A published scientist. Managing one of the best cycling labs in the world. Andrea Morelli has coached World Tour riders for 20+ years. After retiring as a pro-coach, he has been coaching aspiring amateurs for the last 10-years while continuing to work in the lab.

Dr. Seiler has proven and Coach Morelli agrees that non-pro cyclists should focus on doing the right workouts, not maximizing their TSS® or trying to train as hard as possible all the time.

Coach Morelli has designed all the Coach Jack rules. The Coach Jack Plan Builder will help you create your one-of-a-kind training plan. Just like pro-riders, start the season with easy efforts and gradually increase durations and intensity.

Short Interval Sessions Long Fun Sessions

So evidence has shown that most of your training should be easy. To clarify that is 80/20 (easy/hard) or even as low as 95/5, depending on rider specifics.

Coach Jack’s plans are designed to gradually increase your interval times and intensity, so it never feels too hard and pushes you just enough to cause positive adaptions. 

As a Zwift rider, many feel ERG is not as fun as cruising around in free-ride mode. With Coach Jack’s plans, you can do a lot of your easy sessions out of ERG and switch to ERG for the shorter duration intervals.

Fun, Recovery, and Easy Rides

Fun is a critical component of training. It’s also important to make sure every day is not a race. There is a time and a place for intensity, especially when it is fun.

Because you grow during your recovery periods, putting as much effort into the quality of your sleep could have the biggest impact on your performance.

Dr Seiler’s polarized training clearly showed that 1 hard day and 4 easy days beats 4 sweet spot workouts a week.  Easy can mean different things but generally for most people it seems to be up to 75-80% of their FTP, the key term there is “up to.” Take it mostly easy. Get faster.  

Your Coach Jack Plan in
Zwift in Minutes

Create your plan in a few minutes. Spend a couple more minutes pushing your plan to your “My calendar,” connecting TrainerDay to TrainingPeaks, and finally connecting TrainingPeaks to Zwift. That’s it. We recommend TrainingPeaks Premium, but this also works with the free version of TrainingPeaks.

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