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* Coach Jack Plans are only available for Premium Plan members. We have free community-based plans as well.

Watch quick video about Coach Jack's Plans

In this video, see how Coach Jack Plans takes all the pain out of creating your new 100% one of a kind cycling training plan. You can have your new plan On Zwift or in our app in less than 5-minutes.

This 2-minute video takes you through the steps of creating and using a plan on the training platform of your choice.  It also shows you how simple it is to make adjustments.

See how simple it is Just a couple of steps

Step 1 / 4

For Coach Jack’s recommendations, you need to connect to Strava and answer a couple of questions. This literally takes 30-seconds.

Step 2 / 4

After you see your RECOMMENDED PLAN, it’s like Starbucks.

You can make any modifications you would like under the guidance of Coach Jack’s rules.

Step 3 / 4

View your plans workouts and make real-time changes using the controls in the previous step (step 2) and see how your workouts change.

Step 4 / 4

Send it to MY PLANS in TrainerDay and have full editing control. When you are happy, send it to GarminTrainingPeaks, IntervalsICU, download your plan or use it in the TrainerDay indoor cycling app.

That’s it. If you weren’t having so much fun experimenting, you could finish this process in a few minutes.

About Coach Jacks Plans

Coach Jack’s plans differ from the other popular products. Jack’s plans are closer to plans that many seasoned European coaches would create. 

Other products have designed their products around a “suffer focused” mentality. We can ensure you that science and top European Cycling Coaches agree excess hard suffering is NOT REQUIRED to make you faster. And these coaches also agree, you should not spend your time thinking of how to maximize your TSS®.

We did not design Jack’s plans to be addictive or generate more money; they get results with the longevity of the rider (you) as our primary focus. We believe you should “Skip the plan burnout periods.” Long term, consistent performance-focused cycling produces the best results.

Suffer when it’s fun and when you feel like it, not because you feel you have to.

There is scientific proof showing that focusing on the right workouts and having a higher ratio of easy workouts produces better results than focusing on maximizing your TSS. Just Google Dr Seiler (Polarized vs Sweet spot) or Dylan Johnson’s Youtube videos.

Athletes have won the World Tour Races, including the Tour de France, following the principals driving our training plans. So if you prefer to just have fun and inject some performance based structure into your training, our plans should be perfect for you. In addition to your two focused structured workouts each week, get outside or ride Zwift and do some unstructured, fun long rides. For best results, include some climbs in your long Zone 2/Zone 3 rides.

Our workouts are different in focus priority.

Each workout in a week should have a physiological adaptation abjective.  During a build period, all workouts should not have the same objective (i.e. more stress).  It does not matter if you are a pro or a beginner, we can start at the same place and gradually build to harder workouts.

Below is a simple threshold PROGRESSION WORKOUT highlighting the 4-components of each and all of our workouts.  We use the standard term PROGRESSION to differentiate it from a full threshold or sweet spot focused workout. The progression is in the main work that each week it gets a little harder.

* requires a TrainerDay premium membership at $3.99 / month. We have free community-based plans as well.

The main work is considered the focus of the workout. Even though you spend little time at threshold (100% of FTP) in this workout, it is still the primary adaption focus. This is a very enjoyable workout that will not feel difficult for most riders. Depending on your time available for training, your secondary work can be considerably longer.

The primary goal of the main work is to cause adaptions and prepare you for the following harder workout. The primary goal of the secondary work is to continue to build your aerobic performance and itensities are set based on weekly Training Stress targets.

Other platforms might have you do 2X20 minute threshold workouts. We are stating clearly we believe this does not need to be a part of a build period plan and only for some specialized situations like a time-trialist do they need to perform such efforts during shorter peak training periods. You can have a lot more fun working a lot less hard and still get fantastic results if you perfect your weekly/month volume and do the right progressions. If you really enjoy doing these long sustained hard efforts, the Coach Jack plans recently added the option for you to create custom plans that allow you to add these much harder workout sequences.

The workout below comes at the end of our Serious Italian sequence but custom Threshold blocks has 2X20s as well as even harder workouts near the end of the block sequences.

Our workouts are designed with all rider levels in mind and using a ramp test to base your FTP. Ramp tests can slighly over estimate your FTP for many riders but are still the preferred method of testing and works perfect with our plans.

For cyclists that want to use the 2X20 FTP test and/or have very flat TT rider power profiles, our plans may feel a bit too easy but still can be a perfect stimulus for adaptions to occur. Just because it starts out feeling easy does not mean you can’t get noticeable performance and enjoyable benefits from our training plans. Give it 30-days and feel it progressing. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will give you your money back.

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