HRV+ Heart Rate Variability Monitor

The HRV+ iPhone App has an emphasis on simplicity and quality HRV+ is used by people in 80+ countries every day as their go to heart rate variability monitor.

What is TrainerDay?

TrainerDay is our new company focused on performance cycling, and HRV+ is becoming a part of it. The HRV+ app has not had any updates in years and as a part of the TrainerDay suite we will start improving it. 

Why HRV+?

As compared to many other ways of monitoring your recovery HRV+ makes evaluating your day-to-day health easy. Just take a quick, one-minute measurement each day. That can be all you need to predict when it is time to take it easy to avoid sickness or injury and when to push hard and challenge your self.

What is HRV?

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a great indicator of what is going on inside your body. It’s a measurement of how well the mind can slow heart rate (HR), which is an indicator of overall health and stress. In general, better health is indicated using HRV when there is more variability from an in-breath (HR speeding up) to an out-breath (HR slowing down).

HRV+ iPhone App

HRV+ is exclusively available for the iPhone. It’s free we hope you enjoy it. You can view or download it in the iTunes store here.

What is Required

HRV Plus requires a Bluetooth 4.0+ (BLE) HR monitor. Two known brands that have high-quality heart rate monitors compatible with HRV+ measurements are

Wahoo TICKR Buy on Amazon

Polar H7 – Buy on Amazon

How to use the HRV+ Heart Rate Variability Monitor

See a real example below. In this graph, you can see that taking it easy one evening might have avoided a week in bed. Those who use heart rate variability to monitor health have many examples of days that started off with “I feel a little bit off”. When combined with a bit of information from HRV Plus “taking it easy” avoided the days in bed and resulted in back-to-business-as-normal within a couple days.

Professionals use the HRV+ Heart Rate Variability Monitor

Professional athletes have been using HRV monitoring for years (National Football League, European Soccer/Football) because they know resting at the correct times can make all the difference. For the rest of us, it can simply improve the quality of our training and our life.

What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

I have a great quote from gold medal winner, I working on getting permission to add here soon.
Remains Anonymous
Speed Skater, Team USA
I have been using your app for a while now and it is much more convenient then using an EKG device. Thanks
Remains Anonymous
Director of Cardiology, A Hospital in Italy
My teammates and I have been using your app for the last few years to check our recovery every day. It really helps stay injury free.
Another Anonymous
Biker, Unknown Team
With your dropbox support, long recordings and direct r-r interval export, in testing your app is the most convenient app for our trials. Thanks
Remains Anonymous
Researcher, Mayo Clinic

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Primary Recording and HRV Usage

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Export and Other Features

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