You have different needs.  You make adjustments all the time. We made our Training App just for you!

Our App Adapts

Most products want you to follow their plan.  We designed our app so you can follow your plan.  

It may looks similar but it is different

A typical training adjustment

TQR stands for total quality recovery.  Low TQR today?  Switch to an easy day.  Just feeling a bit off?  Start with a 20-minute warmup and then pick your workout.  Frequently you will feel amazing after this warmup and can proceed with the plan without missing a beat.

It's an indoor app but priced for all year

Indoor is ideal for a quick hop on/hop off sessions all year long.  Save your long sessions for outdoors.  Top coaches agree the dynamic movements that occur during outdoor riding are biometrically healthier than long indoor sessions.  At $41.99/year, our app is waiting for you, even when you use it a couple times a month.

Open Sharing and Reusable

Our workouts and plans are all open, even the private ones. You can share them with whoever you want.  We will continue to improve the shareability of our plans and workouts. 

Our plans are also reusable and easily changed and used again, and again. This 12-week block might be sweet-spot and you might try a polarized plan for your next training block.  Super time crunch. You might need to slip in the 22-minute HIIT Tabata workouts. The plan worked? Well, tweak it and save it for next year. A friend sends you a link to our a workout, click and open in the app. 


10-second start and zero clicks

Hop on and start pedaling. Take your time to choose your workout.

10,000 + Workouts

I agree it is way too many, but you can add all the best workouts to your personal workout library and they will be available in the app. A more personalized plan recommendation engine soon.

New Features coming in the next months

Cadence targets, interval comments "Get ready, here comes the hard part" and a new comment editor, Android App. Power meter priority. Lot's more will be coming. Stay tuned.

Power & heart-rate based training

Instantly convert power workouts to hr-based workouts

Ride By Feel

Hot-swap workouts and quickly change to Free-Ride, as well as, easily change intensity at any time.

Training Plans

We have many free training plans. Just set your current training plan on the site and it will be available in the app.

Our Premium plan
gives you everything...

Setup and Ride (2:30-minute video)

Are you strange? Watch this. See dynamic training in action (3-minute video)

Set the app up to start your training in 6-seconds (58-second video)

How to use a Training Plan in our App

With the Bells and Whistles Plan, you can also use any of our plans in the app.  

Most riders are time crunched and need to adjust their schedules.  Treating a plan as a sequence of workouts rather than something to do on exact days makes managing your plan significantly simpler.  Just review your history and find your next workout.  It takes about 10-seconds. You might even remember the last workout you did, so it’s even faster. 

Our Premium plan gives you everything...

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