Find and Use Our Cycling Training Plans

Sharing Plans not managing them

We are 100% focused on building the best or only platform for sharing training plans. TrainerDay is not providing calendar or scheduling.  We want to make it easy to integrate with your favorite calendars.  We are starting with a focus on TrainingPeaks and Google Calendar.  We have export to CSV that can be used in many calendars.

We support both open source as well as private training plans.  We have great hopes the community of cyclists and coaches really adopt this platform for sharing like we have for cycling workouts.  It should easy to use but the video below can help with some details.  

We have some great Featured Authors (well not me Alex) but all the other authors are. 🙂

Want to learn how to create a training plan?
After these videos below, you can learn about creating your own training plans.

How to use open source training plans from TrainerDay
Your Plans, Google Calendar and Microsoft Excel

This is a video primarily for people that know how to use Excel and have complicated or very dynamic schedules.  This allows very quickly modifying your training plan before loading it to Google Calendar (or any calendar that allows CSV bulk import)

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